Andrew Jefford: ‘2021 has been the year of all the miseries’

How’s the weather been this year? Awful. ‘La nature m’écoeure’, one of my wine-growing friends posted on Facebook on 8 April, having been out to look at the frost-crippled shoots on his vines that morning: ‘Nature disgusts me’. It takes a lot to make a wine-grower feel that. He wasn’t alone. Jeremiads echo around the northern hemisphere as 2021 closes. It’s been the year of all the miseries. None suffered more horribly than the growers of germany’s Ahr valley, where floodwaters caused by the four-day stalling of Storm bernd from 12 July over eastern Belgium and western germany damaged or destroyed 65 wine estates and four cooperatives, costing 133 lives and pulverising homes, bridges and railway lines. The [...] Voir l'article complet sur Decanter

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