Andrew Jefford: ‘Drinking cheap wine need not be a cheap experience’

Annual domestic gas bills in the UK threaten to rival, in craziness, the price of a box of bordeaux first growths. Those energy costs have sent the price of almost everything else ripping up after them. Is there, um, anything to be said for cheap wine? There is. First, though, we must sip the bitter harvest of alcohol taxes. These are high in the UK and higher still in Scandinavia, australia, New Zealand and India; they tend to vary by state in the US and by province in Canada, and in general they favour domestically produced wine (where available) over imported wine. But alcohol taxes all penalise cheap wine. Why? The lower the price, the higher the proportion of tax paid. In a high-tax regime, the price of a bottle of ‘cheap’ [...] Voir l'article complet sur Decanter

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