BBQ wines: Great bottles to drink with all your barbecue dishes

What kind of wine should you serve at a BBQ?  With the weather (hopefully) on our side, there are few things better than a barbecue in the sunshine accompanied by a delicious glass of wine. Choosing a good bottle for your barbecue can really elevate the occasion, although for something a little less formal, there’s plenty to choose from in terms of canned or bag-in-box wines instead. Forget those days of washing down a burnt burger with warm chardonnay or a ‘cooked’ red served in a plastic cup, choosing wine to serve at a barbecue needn’t be an afterthought. If you’re going big on the spice, then you could lean towards fruitier reds or whites with a touch of sweetness, such as off-dry riesling or [...] Voir l'article complet sur Decanter

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