Cambridge University study suggests smaller glasses can reduce overall wine consumption

The researchers conducted a crossover trial featuring 217 UK households that drink wine on a regular basis. They were randomly given 290ml or 350ml glasses to drink from during the four-week study period. Researchers noted that wine consumption fell by 6.5% when those featured in the study were drinking from the smaller glasses. The trial also focused on bottle sizes. The households taking part in the survey spent two weeks drinking from full-sized 75cl bottles and two weeks drinking from half bottles (37.5cl). Wine consumption fell by 3.6% when half bottles were used as opposed to 75cl bottles. The researchers said that decline was negligible. ‘Using 290ml vs. 350ml glasses may reduce consumption,’ concluded the study, which was published in the Addiction journal. ‘It is unclear [...] Voir l'article complet sur Decanter

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