France expects bigger 2022 wine harvest but drought is a concern

france’s 2022 wine harvest is likely to be between 42.6 million and 45.6m hectolitres, up by 13% to 21% on the frost-hit 2021 vintage and more in-line with the country’s five-year average. One hectolitre is equivalent to 100 litres. Yet drought could impact on yields in the coming weeks, adding extra uncertainty in several regions, said the French agriculture ministry’s Agreste statistics unit. Expected vintage quality isn’t covered by the preliminary outlook. It added the 2022 growing season is generally running ahead of schedule, meaning harvest is likely to start relatively early this year. france has had its driest July since 1959, according to ecological transition minister Christophe Béchu. While some degree of water stress [...] Voir l'article complet sur Decanter

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