Governments, companies and consumers boycott Russian-made products

Leading UK wine and spirits supplier Enotria&Coe said it was no longer ‘actively sourcing’ Russian products, and was planning to donate all profits from sales of current Russian stock to support victims of the war. In an email to customers, managing directors Ants Rixon and Sam Thackeray provided information about a number of Russian vodka brands stocked by the company. These include Stolichnaya – made in Latvia and owned by Russian billionaire and Putin critic Yuri Shefler – and Russian Standard, owned by oligarch and Russian Standard Bank proprietor Roustam Tariko. The company also listed non-Russian alternatives, such as Sweden’s Absolut, Ketel One from the Netherlands, and Grey Goose, distilled in france. ‘We wanted to give our customers more [...] Voir l'article complet sur Decanter

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