Liv-ex lists top traded Champagnes amid rising prices

Surging demand for luxury champagnes in the past two years appears to have changed the region’s profile on the secondary market, said Liv-ex, a global marketplace for the trade. ‘Once a relatively modest price performer, champagne has become the best performer over the past one and two years,’ said Liv-ex in a new report published this week for members.  Its champagne 50 index, featuring Krug, Cristal, Dom Pérignon, Salon and Taittinger Comtes de champagne among others, has risen in value by nearly 73% over two years, and by 52% in the last 12 months. That beats other regional indices, as well as the FTSE100 and S&P500, Liv-ex said. Several merchants have [...] Voir l'article complet sur Decanter

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