Proposal to grant Rioja Alavesa wineries greater autonomy withdrawn

Last week, Basque National Party (PNV) spokesperson Aitor Esteban announced the withdrawal of a bill that, if passed, would have granted Basque winemakers of the rioja Alavesa region greater autonomy. A proposal to establish a breakout Viñedos de Álava DO for rioja’s Basque enclave was originally launched in 2016 by the Association of rioja Alavesa Producers (ABRA), which represents over 100 local wineries. While a number of Basque producers continue to battle for the creation of an entirely separate denomination through the local Basque government, the bill that the PNV planned to discuss in parliament did not propose a rupture from the wider rioja DOCa. On the contrary, it [...] Voir l'article complet sur Decanter

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